We want to ignite a dialogue with you

Like many consumers, you are searching for better quality home products at the best value. We are a group of industry experts looking to innovate and improve those same items. Together our dialogue can change how and which products come to market. To start, join our forum, and let the conversation begin.


This is how it works

As industry insiders, we share the kind of information that will help you look beyond the tangled web of brands, stores and promotions to evaluate every major product in the home category. We’ll show you how to compare items, what to look out for, where manufacturers cut corners, etc. 


In return, all we ask is your opinion. What do you like? What do you hate? What do you wish you could find? As we build a community of smart, savvy consumers like you, we believe we can actually begin to influence the marketplace and improve the quality and standards of the products you want to buy.

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